In February 2019, the AEN steering committee committee held a three-day meeting in Bonn, Germany to delberate on the AEN strategy and discuss the main issues that arose during the 2nd alumni conference in Ghana. The meeting took place between 19th and 21st February 2019) and was supported by DAAD and the Ghanaian-German Centre for Development Studies (GGCDS) at the Centre for Development Research (ZEF) based at the University of Bonn. During the first two days of the meeting (19th and 20th February), the team of 10 deliberated on various issues that are crucial to the operations of the association, including organizational structure, thematic focus areas, and immediate and long-term objectives. In addition, there was a significant focus on finalising the network’s constitution, which the official document that would guide AEN’s organizational and operational structure.

On the third day, the committee visited DAAD offices in Bonn for a meeting with Dr Dorothee Weyler, the Programme Manager for the African Centres of Excellence. The meeting was also attended by Eva Rothenpieler-Dione (DAAD), and Dr Wolfram Laube (Coordinator for GGCDS) and Aline Pereira (ZEF). Also, in attendance was Dr Britta Niklas, the Coordinator for the South African German Centre for Development Research at Ruhr University Bochum. During this meeting, Charlton Tsodzo gave a presentation on behalf of the executive committee, highlighting progress made since 2017, and the short- and long-term activities that the association will be embarking on to realise AEN’s vision. The DAAD’s alumni affairs coordinator, Dr Heidi Wedel, also joined the meeting and gave a presentation on the opportunities and resources available to alumni from the centres of excellence.

The AEN executive concluded its visit to DAAD offices with a 2-hour engagement session with Ockham IPS, a consultancy company that has been contracted to evaluate the Centres of African Excellence.

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Nelly KASINDE, new President of the Alumni Association of the Congolese-German Centre for Microfinance.